Peripheral Exchange, LLC
Ergonomic Desktop Terminals - R08815, R08825, AG0640-20E. Ergonomic Desktop Monitors - E01910-20R, E01940-20E, E01942-20E.      Rack Mount Terminals - R08865, R08875, AG0640-20R. Rack Mount Monitors - E01910-20R, E01923-20R, E01940-20R, E01942-20R.      Console Mount Terminals - R08814, R08814-BAI, R08824. Console Mount Monitors -  E01940-20F, E01942-20F.      Industrial Terminals - B8001, E8001, F8001, R08810, R08820.
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Peripheral Exchange

In 1985, Mr. Gene Boughey founded Peripheral Exchange (PE) in Norcross, Georgia as CEO & President. Prior to founding Peripheral Exchange, Mr. Boughey held lead management positions at Xerox Corporation, Channel Master, Intelligent Systems Corporation, and Intecolor Corporation.

Peripheral Exchange supports industrial color graphic displays and computer products manufactured by Intelligent Systems Corporation (ISC), Intecolor Corporation, and other OEM related companies.

Peripheral Exchange's charter is to maintain and provide support for many end-of-life products and offer modern replacements where possible.

History of Intelligent Systems Corporation and Intecolor Corporation

In 1973, Mr. Charles A. Muench Jr. founded Intelligent Systems Corporation (ISC) in Norcross, Georgia as Chairman, President, and CEO. After many successes with earlier startup ventures, ISC was born during the early days of Intel Corporation's 8008/8080 technology. The primary product developed by ISC was the "Intecolor" CRT-based color display terminal chiefly based on the Intel 8080/8080A processor technology.

Mr. Charles A. Muench   ISC 8001 color terminal circa 1975
Mr. Charles A. Muench Jr.
Courtesy of CAM
  Original 8001 Display Terminal
w/light-shutter keyboard

ISC begins as a basement operation.

Intelligent Systems Coporation (ISC) began as a basement operation.

Since 1975, ISC became one of the fastest growing intelligent color display terminal product manufacturers, and attracted the attention of the entire process control and automation industry.

ISC became a publicly traded corporation in late 1980 on the NASDAQ at $16 par share. Intecolor itself became a separate operating business unit under ISC.

In 1988, Intecolor Corporation reverted to a privately held company owned by employees and outside banking and venture capitalists.

Intecolor continued to operate as a privately owned company from 1988 until 1996. In May 1996, Intecolor agreed to an acquisition plan offered by Rockwell International. Intecolor operated as a division of Rockwell Automation until September 2001. The Intecolor facility in Duluth Georgia had systematically been closed in steps and then the "Intecolor" market brand name was discontinued in 2001 as part of Rockwell Automation's corporate decision to pare multiple product and branding expenses. Going forward, the Intecolor product was sold under the Allen-Bradley name.

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