Peripheral Exchange, LLC
Ergonomic Desktop Terminals - R08815, R08825, AG0640-20E. Ergonomic Desktop Monitors - E01910-20R, E01940-20E, E01942-20E.      Rack Mount Terminals - R08865, R08875, AG0640-20R. Rack Mount Monitors - E01910-20R, E01923-20R, E01940-20R, E01942-20R.      Console Mount Terminals - R08814, R08814-BAI, R08824. Console Mount Monitors -  E01940-20F, E01942-20F.      Industrial Terminals - B8001, E8001, F8001, R08810, R08820.
ISC / Intecolor / 8001 / 3800 /  8800 / ColorTrend / MegaTrend / Advanced Graphic Systems / Product Services

Customer List


We wish to acknowledge our gratitude for a few of our loyal customers for relying on our service and continued support for the past 35+ years. Thank you!



3M Company

ABC, Inc.

ABX Inc.

ADB International

Accurate Computer, Inc.
Airco Industrial Gases
Aircraft Braking Systems
Alberta Research Council

All-Phase Electric Supply
Alcoa Canada
Alliant Techsystems
AlliedSignal Aerospace
Alltel Arkansas

Alternative Process Services
Aluminum Company of America
America West Airlines
Amoco Fabrics & Fibers
Applied Extrusion Technology
Arab Builder's For Telecommunications
Arco Alaska
Armco Steel
Automated Control Systems
Automatic Data Processing
Automatic Handling

AVP Extrusions Limited

Bailey Controls
Ball-Foster Container Corp.
Baltimore Gas & Electric
Bayer Corporation
Bexar County Courthouse
BOC Gases
Boeing Aerospace
Boise Cascade Corporation
BP Oil Company
Bridge Information Systems
Bridgestone Tire

CA Dept of Water Resources

Caltrol, Inc.
Canadian Airlines
Cedar Falls Utilities
Celotex Corporation
Central Hudson Gas & Electric

Champion International
Chattanooga Electric Power Board
Chemung County Sewer District
Chevron Research & Technology

CIBA Specialty Chemicals
Cinergy, Inc.
Citgo Petroleum
City of Gallatin TN
City Of Glendale AZ
City of Riverside CA
City Of San Jose, CA
City of Sioux Falls, SD
City of Tacoma, WA
City of Toledo, OH

Codexim France

COHR Engineering Services
Computer Sciences Corporation

Computrols, Inc.

Con-Pro S.r.l.
Consolidated Rail Corporation

Control Southern, Inc.

Cooperative Power

Cubic Defense Systems
Cornell University

DEA Mineraloel AG
Delphi Automotive
Delphi Lighting & Interior
Delta Airlines
Destec Energy, Inc.
Detroit Forming
Detroit Transportation

Digital Control Systems

Discount Computer Peripherals
Donside Paper Company
Dow Chemical
Dowding & Mills
Duke Energy
Duke University Medical Center

E.I.Dupont de Nemours
Eastman Kodak Company
EDS (Electronic Data Systems)

EG&G Automotive Research

Electronic Detection Systems

Electronic Visions, Inc.

Electronics Repair Center, Inc.

Embraer S/A

ENTERGY (Gulf States Utilities)
Emerson Process Management
Entergy Operations
ESA (European Space Agency)

Fedex Corporation
Firestone Tire Company

Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc.
Flight Safety International
Florida Keys Electric Corporation

Fluid Mechanical Development
Ford Motor Company

Gannett Offset Press
Gas Company of New Mexico
Gates Rubber Company
General Elevator Company
General Motors
Geon Corporation
Georgia Power Company
Globe Building Materials
Goodfellow AFB

Graphic Products, Inc.

Graybar Electric Co., Inc.

Green River Electric

GTE Government Systems

GTS Computer Systems, Inc.

Guardall N.A., Inc.
Gulf Publishing Company

Halifax Corporation

Harvard University

Heitman Kentucky Management
Hiram Walker & Sons
Honeywell B.V.
Honeywell Corporation

Honeywell Kuwait

Honeywell Measurex

HPG International
Huntley Power LLC
Hylsa, S.A. De C.V.

Illinois Valley Cellular
Indiana Michigan Power Co.
Indianapolis Newspapers

Industrial Supply

Ingenieria De Sistemas Solares
Inland Steel

Instrument Associates, Inc.
Intecolor Corporation
International Paper Company

Int'l Systems of America, Inc.

Int'l Telecom Services

Interprovincial Pipe Line

Intron Corporation

ITS Equipment & Leasing Corp.
ITT Federal Services

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
James River Corporation
Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital
Johnson Controls Corporation
Johnson Yokogawa Corporation

K&S Industrial Services, Inc.

Kansas City Power & Light
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Knight-Ridder Company
Kone Corporation
Kraft Corporation


Landis & Gyr Powers

Landon Electric Company

Lansing Community College
Leeds & Northrup
Lockheed Martin

Long Distance Management
Los Alamos National Laboratory


MacMillan Bloedel Limited
Manitowoc Public Utility

Manufacturing Sciences Corporation
Mar-Tech Supply

Martin Marietta Energy Systems

Max Control Systems
MCC Powers

Midwest Computer Support

Mobile Communications Systems


Montgomery Kone, Inc.

National Automation Supply
National Electric Industries, Inc.
National Steel Corporation
Natural Gas Pipeline
Naval Submarine Support Facility
NDC Infrared Engineering
NE Missouri Electric Power
Nebraska Public Power

New Age Computer Service
New Ulm Public Utilities
Niagara Mohawk Power Company

Norfolk Southern Company
Norpac Controls Ltd.
Norsk Hydro
North American Technologies
North Oakland Medical Center
Northern States Power Company
Northrop Corporation
NRG Huntley Operations

Ocala Star Banner
Occidental Chemical
Ogden Martin Systems
Ohio Power Company
Okonite Company
Orlando Utilities Commission
Otis Elevator Company

P.H. Glatfelter Co.
Pacific Gas & Electric
Packard Electric Co.
Parkersburg Sanitary Board
Pasadena Paper Company
Patrick AFB

Pharr Yarns
Philips Semiconductors
Phillips Pipeline
Pinnacle Data Systems
Pirelli Cable Corporation
Polaroid Corporation
Poly Hi Solidur / Menasha Corp.
PolyOne Corporation
Pontiac General Hospital

Poser Business Forms

Prairie Industries

Precision Electronics
Press-Enterprise Company
Price Communications Wireless
Princeton University
Proctor & Gamble Company

Protostar Computer Technology

Pulau Electronics Corporation


QPF, Inc.


Raytheon Service Company
Reliance Electric S.p.A. Italy

REM Data, Inc. (Robert E. Mason)
Roadway Package Systems
Robb Container Corporation
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester Public Utilities
Ronan Engineering Company

San Jose Convention Center
Saturn Electronics Corporation
Saudi Arabian Airlines
SBC Ameritech

Seagull Energy Company

Security By Design, Inc.
Smoky Hills Public TV
South Jersey Hospital
Southern Indiana Gas & Electric
Southwest Airlines
Southwestern Public Service Company
Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Sprint United
St. John's River Power Park
Stanford University
Steris Laboratories
Sun Company, Inc.
Sun Publishing
Sundstrand Aerospace
SW Public Service
Syngenta Crop Protection

Tacoma City Power & Light
Team Plastics, Inc.
Tensar Corporation
The Bernd Group
The News Journal
The Press-Enterprise
The State-Record Company
The Sun News
The University Hospitals
Thomson Consumer Electronics

Tiner Electronics
Tosco Refining Corporation
Toyo Engineering
Trane Corporation
Trans World Airlines
Transport Canada

Tri-State Contracting & Trading

Trump Casino Service, LLC
TU Electric Company

TVA Widows Creek Fossil Plant

U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers
U.S. Cellular
U.S. Postal Service
U.S. West Communications
Union Camp Corporation
Union Carbide Corporation
United Health Partners
United Illuminating Company
United Parcel Service
USA Enrichment Corporation
United Water Service
University of California (Davis)
University of North Carolina
Unocal 76
Upper Occoquan Sewage Authority
USX Corporation

Valley Electric Company

Vartech Systems, Inc.

Virginia Concrete

Wacker Siltronic Portland
Walter Reed Medical Center
Western Farmer's Electric Cooperative
Westinghouse Electric Company
Westinghouse Naval Systems
Westlake Monomers
Westvaco Corporation
Wheelabrator Frackville Energy
Whessoe Varec, Inc.
Worldwide Exporters, Inc.

Wyle Laboratories

Yokogawa Corporation