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Fisher-Rosemount Support

Peripheral Exchange no longer supports Rosemount, Fisher-Rosemount, and Emerson Process Management color displays or VDU's. The information below is for historical information only. This configuration is based on the Intecolor 8001 19" color display with CT scanning IR "discrete" touch screen, and custom 24" rack mount chassis hardware. This configuration incorporates four (4) logic cards within its logic card cage.

Rosemount Manager 16 (MGR16) touch screen terminal based on the Intecolor F8001G Series terminal. 
MGR-16 Touch Terminal 

The CPU is a custom Rosemount produced Zilog Z80-based card. The touch screen card is a Beckman Industrial (acquired by Rosemount) touch screen controller, Intecolor display generator, and Intecolor video memory card. As shown above, the product is primarily an Intecolor display but with accessories integrated by Rosemount.

Fisher-Rosemount RMV9000 OSP8815

The RMV9000 generation control system from Fisher-Rosemount offered configurations based on the Intecolor model 8815 color desktop display as shown above and 8814 (console mount not shown) Both color displays are equipped with CT scanning IR "smart" touch screens and additional electronics to support a local custom keyboard.

Typical Fisher-Rosemount RMV9000 OSP8815 layout.
RMV9000 OSP8815 operator console

Emerson Process Management (parent of Fisher-Rosemount since 2001) discontinued product support for this series in the Spring of 2009.

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