Peripheral Exchange, LLC
Ergonomic Desktop Terminals - R08815, R08825, AG0640-20E. Ergonomic Desktop Monitors - E01910-20R, E01940-20E, E01942-20E.      Rack Mount Terminals - R08865, R08875, AG0640-20R. Rack Mount Monitors - E01910-20R, E01923-20R, E01940-20R, E01942-20R.      Console Mount Terminals - R08814, R08814-BAI, R08824. Console Mount Monitors -  E01940-20F, E01942-20F.      Industrial Terminals - B8001, E8001, F8001, R08810, R08820.
ISC / Intecolor / 8001 / 3800 /  8800 / ColorTrend / MegaTrend / Advanced Graphic Systems / Product Services
Intecolor R08815 terminals in custom configuration.

Peripheral Exchange has specialized in the repair, rebuild, and replacement of original Intelligent Systems Corporation (ISC) and Intecolor color graphic display terminals and monitor products.

Our engineering experience and services span back to 1973.

Many technology changes have been invented along the way since 1973, and we have experienced every change. Many of which we have engineered.

Peripheral Exchange offers software emulations, and consulting services.